Vision Board - Do it yourself experience

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Vision Board - Do it yourself Experience

Big Girl interrupted vision boards are designed with YOU in mind, we do not use the cookie-cutter templates that everyone else uses. Your vision boards are personalized based on YOUR goals, dreams, desires, and aspirations, so they'll inspire YOU every day when you look at them. Plus they come with all the tools needed for success including an easy-to-follow guidebook full of tips & tricks. All this will help keep YOU accountable while giving YOU the support system necessary for long-term success! So what are you waiting for? 


What's in your vision board package

  •  1- 16X20 picture frame, glue, motivational and inspirational stickers
  • Goal Setting Playbook
  • 1-year free membership to Gratitude Club: where you receive free monthly printables for your gratitude jar & yearbook
  • Affirmations cards 
  • Gratitude key chain 
  • BGI reusable environmentally friendly SWAG BAG!