Virtual 1on1 Vision Board Experience

Let's get Bold with your vision board.

1on1 Vision board session is a creative and engaging way to help you get focused on your goals and action plan. 

This is for you

  • If you are serious about setting your intention and vision for the future 
  • If you are ready to get uncomfortable in order to get to where you want to be
  • If you have done some personal development work in the past with support or on your own 
  • If you are internally and externally motivated to create BOLD change in your life.

How it works

This 1on1 vision Board experience is an investment of $275.00 that includes following;
  • Completing some pre work first before your session 
    • The booking of 2 -1 hour and 30mins sessions

    Session #1 is all about unpacking and releasing what's interrupting your life? 

    • Shifting your mindset 
    • Squeeze out your limiting beliefs
    • Creating new beliefs to live by 
    • Understanding your WHY?
    • Creating BOLD Goal

    Session #2 is about creating your vision board.

    • You will create an action plan using our transformational action steps planner 
    • You will also establish rewards you give yourself self every time you achieve a new goal 
    • You will book your 2-30 mins accountability follow up sessions 

    What do you get 

    • 1-16X20 picture frame, glue, motivational or inspirational stickers
    • Personal Development playbook
    • BGI reusable environmentally friendly SWAG BAG! 

    • Affirmation cards for your wallet

    When you have a Vision Board: 

    • It creates a connection that motivates you to achieve your goals
    • It's a great tool to help you make those dreams real
    • It helps to create a clear vision for the life you want. 

    Our vision board coach will help you create achievable goals, look at habits that need to change that are blocking your success. 


    We encourage you to have inspirational quotes, empowering words and pictures that will help to personalize your vision board.
    *At this time BGI will not be providing magazines or scissors.