Vision Board Experience

It's time to Manifest your Vision

Let Big Girl Interrupted help host an event or party that helps your guest shift their mindset, squash their limiting beliefs and start manifesting the vision they want.

You should book this package 

  • If you're hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, women's event, church event, family night, divorce or retirement party or date night.
  • If you have a group of family and friends who value their personal development like you do and are ready to set achievable goals and are looking to create a clear vision. 
  • We are also available for youth programs, corporate and networking communities. 

This package is for a minimum of 5 people and is an investment of $85.00 per person.

What do you get 

  • 1-16X20 picture frame, glue, motivational or inspirational stickers
  • Personal development workbook
  • Goal setting journal 
  • BGI reusable environmentally friendly SWAG BAG! 

When you have a Vision Board: 

  • It creates a connection that motivates you to achieve your goals
  • It's a great tool to help you make those dreams real
  • It helps to create a clear vision for the life you want. 

Our vision board coach will help you create achievable goals, unlock your limiting beliefs and look at habits that are blocking your success. 

We encourage you to have inspirational quotes, empowering words and pictures that will help to personalize your vision board.


*At this time BGI will not be providing magazines or scissors. 
Please make sure you have access to both of these items prior to your event.  *For our international clients please be advised that due to shipping and breakage reasons some mailed materials may be slightly different.