What does Big Girl Interrupted mean?

Well for me it means that I understand that I am a Big Girl and how interrupted I was and can be if I am not careful.  

Interruption can present in so many ways.  It can show up on the scale, either too many or not enough pounds.  It can mean that you can’t get out of bed some days and have no idea why. It can mean that you can’t stop thinking about something you said last week, last month, even last year.  It can mean not liking who you see in the mirror. It makes you feel worthless, incompetent, and invisible. 

So here’s the thing that I found so surprising! We are ALL Interrupted! Yep all of us! We all think that we are islands and the only ones dealing with our insecurities! The confident, pretty, slim, smart woman that intimidates the crap out of you feels just like you.  Maybe about different things but she still feel worthless at times, and that makes her feel alone. 

How do we stop being islands? How do we stop feeling alone? Here it is Big Girls, we have to put our Big Girl pants on! We have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and let others know that we are struggling.  Let them know we can’t get out of bed, that our addictions may be in the driver's seat at the moment, that the weather makes us S.A.D and we can’t get out of bed. That we feel unworthy and invisible.

The only way to NOT feel invisible is to be visible!  This my friends is partly up to you. You have the power to use your voice and be heard.  You have the power to become UNINTERRUPTED! Because here's the thing, Interruption is temporary.  Who knew? Some at this moment will disagree with this statement and to those, I would say you are in the deepest part of your interruption. I have been there and it is a scary place. But, because I have been there, I know that you don’t have to stay there.  

My sisters! I know that you will be ok! I know that you are strong, smart, beautiful, worthy and unique.  I know this because I AM you! I celebrate you! I LOVE you! Take the time you need to figure it out we will be here when you’re ready to get uninterrupted. 

Love always 

Big Girl

                     “A strong woman looks challenge dead in the eye and winks”. 

-Gina Carey