Sometimes feeling stuck makes you Feel Stupid!

So many of us have spent time and energy in a fixed mindset. The effects of a fixed mindset can show up in our careers, health, finances and relationships.  This is  why we struggle to be accountable and consistent in our lives. 

The lack of a growth mindset is where I believe we stay stuck. 

Living in a fixed mindset results in behaviours that keep us stuck

This is seen in our ability to be accountable and consistent. Failed relationships, debt, they all lead back to your fixed mindset and behaviours. 

Don’t worry, so many of us don’t even recognize we live in a fixed mindset because this is seen as a normal way of thinking. 

The big question is are you ready to shift your mindset? Are you ready to  incorporate setting intentions to help you manifest your vision.

Time for Action 

It is time to shift your mindset to a growth mindset!  This is where you begin to recognize your behaviours and your interaction with others.  


How to get unstuck

Mindset Journal 

It’s all about your mindset, a phrase we hear so often but it is so true. Shifting our mindset is so powerful.  This is why mindset journals are a tool to implement into your life. A mindset Journal increases your growth mindset. This helps improve your mood and creates the opportunity for you to self-evaluate. Changing your thoughts  and fears and analyze yourself on a deeper level daily. 

 As you know, the mind is a powerful thing but change and improvement are possible. Journaling helps with improving your communication, builds your self-confidence, goal achievement and increases  your mindfulness. Take 5 to 10mins out of your evening daily to sit and journal.  


Affirmations change our mindset internally and externally.  This is  why implementing affirmations into your daily life can and will help you shift that mindset. Affirmations help stop you from sabotaging yourself and eliminates negative self-talk. Practicing affirmations daily boosts your confidence and changes behaviour patterns. 

So, what’s stopping you?  Let's start writing affirmations daily. 

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Stopping each day to show gratitude is so powerful and incorporating gratitude practices into your daily routine makes you more resilient and improves your positive emotions, for example, you will be more optimistic, enthusiastic and you experience the feeling of joy and love will flow effortlessly. Gratitude practice allows us to improve our physical and mental health which allows us to show up in the world from a place of internal compassion for others which improves relationships. 

Set daily goals

Breaking down those big goals into smaller goals allows us to see achievement and experience results. Setting daily goals increases your ability to have self-mastery and allows you to be clear about what you are working towards and a clear direction. Having a direction helps you sustain momentum and increases your satisfaction when it comes to achieving your goals. Your motivation to see results is key and the reason why we need to set goals daily.  Grab our goals setting planner to help you get started. 

Celebrate your success 

Celebrating your hard work and achievements is a MUST! Celebrating you provides an opportunity to reflect on your journey and this experience creates motivation along with reinforcing your accountability. Reviewing your success and progress shows gratitude to you and increases your internal joy which results in the building of positive and healthy self-esteem.

Being stuck and unmotivated doesn't have to be your story or your continued experience in life. We all have the opportunity and the skills to change our fixed mindset to a growth mindset, to experience the true joy, self-confidence, the success we want to achieve in our lives and show up as our authentic self. Self-sabotage doesn't need to impact your life and what you want to achieve, any longer. Begin today with implementing the tools to help you transform your life internally and make it the experience you want it to be. 

Remember we are here to help you get unstuck and get clear about the life you want to live while being your 1# cheerleader.