Goal Setting Strategies to Rekindle Your Motivation

We have all been there. You are feeling down and unmotivated, and you are ready to give up on your goals, dreams, and aspirations. It can be all too easy to fall into a cycle of negativity when you feel like giving up. It’s okay to feel these feelings, we are here to get you back into gear!  There are things that you can do to stay motivated and continue striving towards your goals. Here are four strategies that will help you get back on track.

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When should you take a step back

Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to gain perspective of your vision. Taking a break from whatever it is that you are doing can be the perfect way to get some distance from the situation and clear your headspace. This could mean taking an afternoon off work or taking a day or two away from your project – whatever works for you! Taking time away will allow you to come back with newfound energy and enthusiasm for what you were working on before.


5 Tips for staying focused and motivated 

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or lacking motivation or your vision is becoming unclear, it can be helpful to speak with someone about it. Whether this is a friend, family member, mentor, or coach – having someone else listen and provide advice can help keep things in perspective for you and make sure that you don’t give up too easily! Try this… 

  • Write your goals down
  • Block out time in your schedule to work on your goals
  • Take breaks when you are feeling overwhelmed (do something fun)
  • Break down your goals into smaller tasks that you can complete 
  • Remove all distractions


Ways I can stay inspired

There are so many inspiring stories out there of people who have achieved incredible feats against all odds; reading these stories can help remind you that anything is possible if we put your mind and heart into it!  Reading about others who have gone through similar struggles as us can remind us of our strength and resilience, as well as inspire us to keep going even when we feel like giving up. Other ways to get inspired are

  • Watching a movie that has inspired you in the past 
  • Connecting with a friend or family member that has inspired you
  • Changing your environment  
  • Taking a social media break 
  • Spending time with yourself 
  • Revisit what inspired you in the first place 

 balloons celebrate your wins

Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrating small wins along the way is key to staying motivated while working towards bigger goals! Take the time to recognize how far you’ve come, no matter how small the accomplishment may seem; each achievement should be acknowledged as an important contribution towards reaching your ultimate goal!

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It's okay to have moments where we feel low.  and your become discouraged by doubt or fear - you have the power to change your mindset!  Instead  use them as an opportunity for growth and reflection Utilizing these four strategies will help ensure that you stay motivated throughout your journey so that nothing stands between you and achieving success! With enough dedication, determination, and self-care, anything is possible - so don't give up just yet! 


We got you! 


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