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Virtual Vision Board Experience

A vision board is a visual display where you place all of your goals and dreams. You can use pictures, words or symbols that represent your vision.

We suggest that you place your vision board somewhere you can interact with it everyday. Most people hang it in their bedroom. We highly recommend that it should be the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see to start your day. We want you to live and breathe those dreams and goals.

We provide what you need to create your board that is included in our package. With the exception of anything that is personal.  

We suggest your bedroom. But, we have had people hang it in other places. Where you are going to see it most is the best place for it to be placed.  

Yearly or once you have achieved all your goals on your current board.

Unfortunately, we do not provide these in private but you are always welcome to offer food or treats to your guests.